The mother of Brazil is Indigenous

“The mother of Brazil is Indigenous, even though the country is prouder of its European father who treats it like a bastard child. Its roots are Indigenous, come from the ancestral people who wear a story, who write their culture, their prayers, and their struggles on their skin. I will never understand the foreign nationalism that many people have. We are a rich, diverse, and warrior country. But we are also a country that kills its original people, those who built the nation. The Indigenous are not the ones you know from the old history books, because they were not the ones who have written those books, so their version is not always told. They are not just in their villages trying to survive, they are in the city, at the university, at the job market, in art, and on television, because all of Brazil is Indigenous Land. You should be prouder of the Indigenous blood that runs through your veins. The mother of Brazil is Indigenous.”

Myriam Krexu


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